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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Paint Brushes or Paint Rollers? That is the Question!

There is no right answer to whether you should use a paint roller or a paint brush. It will depend on the space you need to cover, the shape of the walls, and sometimes the texture of the wall you are covering. In most cases you will need to use both.

Paint Brushes or Paint Rollers

Advantages of Brushes
  1. Sharper edges
  2. More Versatile
  3. Easier Clean-up
  4. Thicker Coat of Paint
When choosing a bristle brush you want to make sure that the brush is comfortable to hold. A good brush will feel like an extension of your hand.
There is also the option of the less expensive foam brush. Foam brushes will apply a smooth finish to a smaller surface. They are disposable for easy clean up as well. The durability of a foam brush leaves much to be desired, so make sure that the space is small and you are not expecting too much life out of your brush.

Advantages of Rollers
  1. Covers More Surface
  2. No Brush Strokes
  3. Easy to Use
  4. Disposable/Inexpensive
A good Roller will have a grip that is comfortable to hold. You also want to make sure that the roller has a heavy frame that does not bend under pressure. Another important feature to look for is a no-slip protector. The last thing you want to worry about is your roller cover flying across the room! You need to make sure that your roller cover does not show seams, and has a beveled edge, to avoid lines.
Whatever you choose, remember not to skimp on the amount of paint you use. With both rollers and brushes, more is better.

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